In 1986, Greg LeMond became the first American to win the largest single annual sporting event on the planet, the Tour d-e France. LeMond proceeded to taste success again in the 1989 Tour de France, and again one-month later in the 1989 World Championships. Then, as your final coup before retiring from aggressive cycling, LeMond won still another historical Tour de France for the 3rd time in 1990. LeMond's tale has been measured by his unmatched levels of courage and determination and now, 20 years after the time of his first Tour de France success, he has taken on an equally courageous challenge-to locate a cure for diabetes. Greg LeMond joins the American Diabetes Association (ADA) while the Honorary Chairperson for Tour p Cure, the Association's premiere annual cycling event, which raises money for diabetes re-search, information, advocacy and public awareness efforts. Should you wish to learn more on, there are millions of on-line databases you should think about investigating. Should you require to get further on visit site, we recommend heaps of on-line databases people might investigate. Tour de Cure occurs nationwide and is a ride-not a race-that encourages visitors to pull out their bikes and join thousands of other individuals who are pedaling for a cure. 'I am pleased to function as the Honorary Chairperson for ADA's Tour d-e Cure event,' says LeMond. 'The Tour d-e Cure is one powerful method for most of us to become winners in the fight against diabetes.' Not quite 2-1 million young ones and adults have diabetes, a 1-4 per cent increase since 2003. Another 41 million people are at-risk for devel-oping diabetes. Diabetes may be the sixth leading cause of death by disease in the United States. We discovered by browsing Google Books. Greg LeMond will be readily available to provide the very best Tour p Cure fundraisers with the Champion for Diabetes Award. Prime fundraisers will also qualify to get one of the formal LeMond Bicycles provided from the champion himself. The Tour d-e Cure national showing sponsor is Bristol-Myers Squibb Company. Other sponsors include Gold's Gym, Performance Bicycles, LeMond Fitness, Discovery Health Channel, and LeMond Rushing Cycles-the standard cycle of the Tour de Remedy..